Compuzone LLC is an Onsite IT Computer Support Service.

Our Services are provided by appointment only. An onsite visit fee is required. Our onsite fee will be waived if repairs, upgrades, maintenance or other services are provided.

Please read:

▪   Computer Tune-Up service will clean, maintain,  update, and remove any unwanted software to improve your Computer(s) and speed your computer up by up to approximately 80% Actual Internet speeds may vary depending on network’s capacity, power, memory, ram, processor speed, and Web traffic. Speeds may also be impacted by third-party equipment (other computers and routers).

▪   Virus removal does not include antivirus software installed.  Malware removal does not include anti-malware software installation. Operating System Installation service is provided using your copy of Microsoft Windows or Mac OS

▪   Remote support is provided by appointment only.

▪   If you need to Upgrade your Computer(s), You need to obtain your memory ram chip. We will provide installation services for a fee.

▪   Laptop screen replacement parts (screen) prices are included for most laptop brands

▪   Laptop Keyboard replacement parts  prices are included for most laptop  brands

▪   Computer home/office set up the onsite price if for one (1) Computer only

▪   Data Recovery Hard drive must be inspected before any recovery attempt

▪   Data Transfer is provided at the onsite location or Compuzone office only. Hard disk needs to be checked before any recovery attempt

▪    In the case of a problem after service is provided, Our team must be contacted ASAP. Our technicians will call you to investigate the issue. If our Technicians need to return for a customer error not related to prior services, there will be a charge of $49.99 per visit.

▪     It is the customer’s responsibility is to check all equipment is working properly.

▪   Prices are subject to New Jersey Tax